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Going From tech
to teaching

TREAT is a free online ressource designed to help HE teachers develop their teaching using technology

Connecting the dots

TREAT aims to make the connections between tech and teaching more meaningful

We have made the connections - so you don't have to

Different teacher
Different FOCUS

We help you focus on what's relevant

No matter what your interest is

Learning activityDigital toolCasesGoal

is what tech in teaching
is all about

Using tech can help you align in-class activities with out-of-class activities

This is the idea behind blended learning - a concept the TREAT is build upon

teachers redesigning educational
activities with technology

Learning Activities

Efficient activities for your teaching

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Digital Tools

How tools can help you choose the right activities.

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Cases from Aarhus BSS

Listen to fellow teachers talk about their experiences with teaching and technology

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Find activities that support your intended learning outcome.

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Other topics

Read more about what's important when you're planning teaching with technology

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TREAT is about you - the teacher. It's about what you do with you teaching.

This is only a starting point. Where do you want to go?